Twenty Percent Time

Twenty Percent Time

Two developers from Tighten ( discuss one programming topic every Friday in less than 20 minutes.

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    Make The Easy Change

    After a longer-than-anticipated hiatus, we ramble our way to universal truth.

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    API Snapshot Testing

    We talk sardines, horizon, machine learning, dusk strategies, snapshot testing, and testing VS Code extensions - it's just a good time...

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    Caleb wants a microdecisions framework and ventures into the wild woods of philosophy to discover the Truth®.

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    PHPUnit Wishlist

    Our attempt to make a wishlist for new PHPUnit features devolves into yet another discussion of VS Code.

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    Okay so here's the thing. We already recorded this episode. This is version 2.

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    We're full of feelings.

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    Laravel Certification Program

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    State Machines

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    Caleb has been in the woods. Daniel has been living the lavish life of an open source maintainer.
    Is that a cheeky Pull Request on the horizon?

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    Caleb helps Daniel get his refactoring wish-list in order.
    Daniel FINALLY finished Ziggy, a package for Laravel Named Routes in Javascript.


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    The One About Laracon

    We are at Laracon 2017. We didn't sleep much. We talk about Taylor and Adam's talks. Caleb REALLY wants a Laracasts Snickers.

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    (Not) Customizing Laravel

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    Naming Things

    This week we talk about the only thing in programming, Naming Things. Caleb wants to write a Bob the Builder book.

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    We talk about the routes file, Route:resource(), conditional redirects, and talk about some PRs.

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    Model Traits

    We talk about feature traits in Eloquent Models.
    Caleb wants a utopian world where all models are just a list of traits.
    Daniel is very reasonable.

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