Twenty Percent Time

Twenty Percent Time

Two developers from Tighten ( discuss one programming topic every Friday in less than 20 minutes.

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    No Plans To Merge: Does PHP Suck?

    Today we ask the big question on every PHP developer's mind. We weigh out the pros and cons of the language, things we like and dislike, and ultimately, what keeps us coming back.

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    The Last Episode

    We talk about some big changes and some other fun stuff like LiveView in Laravel.

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    We talk about so many things: From how best to pass status messages when you page contains multiple forms, to why switch/case hacking is the way of the future.

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    The Best Episode We've Ever Done

    Strap in kids. Three topic and almost 2 hours of sweet sweet content.

    • Daniel's new keyboard
    • Caleb wants to just make a second route
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    What we're thankful for.

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    Live from VueConf

    Caleb is at VueConf in Toronto, so we recorded a quick one from the show floor. Audio is a bit lower quality than normal, but it's worth it.

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    We invent a new programming language

    We talk sleight of hand, woodworking, our new language, and dealing with non-user users. So put on your headphones and grab your tech deck... we got some twenty percent timin' to do!

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    Pattern Components [Fixed]

    The initial mix of this episode accidentally contained an ODB song over the first 3 minutes. Please re-download if you aren't trying to shimmy shimmy ya.

    We bang through a bunch of topics before finally settling on a really good idea for an open source project.

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    Giant Snowball

    We run through a plethora of mini topics ranging from Embedded CSS in emails to the giant fear about your codebase.

    Thanks to @andymswick for editing this episode!

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    Live at Laracon 2018

    Daniel and I chill out at the Tighten Headquarters in Chicago after Laracon. We have some followup on my talk, and a bunch of other goodies.

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    We come back from several very busy weeks and talk about test fixtures.

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    Composed vs. Stored

    We recorded an episode when we were together in Texas for Tighten onsite but it was trash so we didn't put it out. Hopefully you like this totally non-trash episode where we get deep into composed properties and how to build an onboarding wizard, as well as a super nerdy segment where we just speak a bunch of Vim keybindings out loud.

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    The Composition Layer

    FINALLY we have a good fundamental disagreement. Daniel is very right because he writes the shownotes. Caleb is horribly wrong.

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    Make The Easy Change

    After a longer-than-anticipated hiatus, we ramble our way to universal truth.

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    API Snapshot Testing

    We talk sardines, horizon, machine learning, dusk strategies, snapshot testing, and testing VS Code extensions - it's just a good time...

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    Caleb wants a microdecisions framework and ventures into the wild woods of philosophy to discover the Truth®.

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    PHPUnit Wishlist

    Our attempt to make a wishlist for new PHPUnit features devolves into yet another discussion of VS Code.

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    Okay so here's the thing. We already recorded this episode. This is version 2.

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    We're full of feelings.

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    Laravel Certification Program

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    State Machines

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    Caleb has been in the woods. Daniel has been living the lavish life of an open source maintainer.
    Is that a cheeky Pull Request on the horizon?

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    Caleb helps Daniel get his refactoring wish-list in order.
    Daniel FINALLY finished Ziggy, a package for Laravel Named Routes in Javascript.


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    The One About Laracon

    We are at Laracon 2017. We didn't sleep much. We talk about Taylor and Adam's talks. Caleb REALLY wants a Laracasts Snickers.

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    (Not) Customizing Laravel

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    Naming Things

    This week we talk about the only thing in programming, Naming Things. Caleb wants to write a Bob the Builder book.

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    We talk about the routes file, Route:resource(), conditional redirects, and talk about some PRs.

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    Model Traits

    We talk about feature traits in Eloquent Models.
    Caleb wants a utopian world where all models are just a list of traits.
    Daniel is very reasonable.

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