Twenty Percent Time

Twenty Percent Time

Two developers from Tighten ( discuss one programming topic every Friday in less than 20 minutes.

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    Composed vs. Stored

    We recorded an episode when we were together in Texas for Tighten onsite but it was trash so we didn't put it out. Hopefully you like this totally non-trash episode where we get deep into composed properties and how to build an onboarding wizard, as well as a super nerdy segment where we just speak a bunch of Vim keybindings out loud.

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    The Composition Layer

    FINALLY we have a good fundamental disagreement. Daniel is very right because he writes the shownotes. Caleb is horribly wrong.

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    Make The Easy Change

    After a longer-than-anticipated hiatus, we ramble our way to universal truth.

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    API Snapshot Testing

    We talk sardines, horizon, machine learning, dusk strategies, snapshot testing, and testing VS Code extensions - it's just a good time...

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    Caleb wants a microdecisions framework and ventures into the wild woods of philosophy to discover the Truth®.

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